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FSBreak 30: The RC Airplane Show, and $100 Hamburger: Lost in Traffic

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Mark Stewart, and Danton.

Listen Here:

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Danton Talks R/C With Us!

Links to all items we talked about in the show:

  • Multiplex Easy Star Complete Kit $190 (Maybe the best starter plane, especially learning by yourself) [Link]
  • HobbyZone Super Cub LP Complete Kit $180 (Slightly more advanced model of my first plane) [Link]
  • ParkZone F4U Corsair Complete Kit $280 (2.4GHz warbird suitable as an aileron trainer with help) [Link]
  • Find a local club to give R/C a try and learn for free [Link]
  • Academy of Model Aeronautics (Membership required by most clubs; provides insurance policy) [Link]
  • Park Pilot website (Focusing on smaller electric planes ideal for beginners) [Link]
  • RC Groups – Beginners Forum (Over 10 million posts on the website!) [Link]
  • RealFlight G4.5 R/C Flight Simulator with controller $200 (FSX of R/C sims, but easier on computers) [Link]
  • ESKY Controller with FMS R/C Flight Simulator $29 (Cheap, but far less eye candy) [Link]

Danton also sent along these videos, check them out!

Corsair RC - Onboard Video!


RC Slideshow - With Info on RC Aircraft


Easy Star RC Aircraft Training Flight


3D RC Demo Video


RC Combat Flight

New $100 Hamburger Flight: LA Lost In Traffic

HEY YOU! Before preceding, download the FULL PDF which includes all of these notes, graphics, and all charts and sectionals required!

By Mark Stewart

Welcome to Los Angeles! This is a very personal Hamburger for me having done all of my flight training in this airspace and worked in this airspace as well with Professional Pilot Training (PPT). This is hands down one of the most challenging airspaces in the country. You have the San Fernando Valley with Van Nuys airport. It is the airport of legends, with the likes of Amelia Earheart and Howard Hughes. Many famous movie and television studios have used this airport over it’s 80 year history. Van Nuys is currently the #1 busiest general aviation airport in the world and #25 in busiest airports period, of all airports worldwide. I feel privileged to have had dozens of landings on runway 16R and 16L. It is a living breathing aviation legend.

Now take this airport (Van Nuys) and put it 5 miles from Burbank (Bob Hope) airport, a busy Class C airport with everything from celebrity charters with AVJET, UPS and also numerous commercial carriers flying everything from the Beech 99 to the Boeing 757. When you done fitting that into your head, throw another airport into the triangle, Whiteman Airport (5 miles) and then just for good measure, overlap the whole thing with Socal Approach. Now just as the nuts are the top of the perfect sundae (storm), Place this high intensity triangle of airports just over the hill from Los Angeles International (LAX) and it’s 59,000,000 passengers a year and ranking as the #7 busiest airport in the world.

So was that filling enough? Just for the fun of it, include terrain that ranges from sea level to above 4000 ft, water and ocean waiting to bring-in-da-fog and the Santa Anna winds that whip up from the desert, howling through the canyons and across peaks attempting to bounce your fillings loose. (Video Included).

But I just wanted to say…. Welcome to Los Angeles Pilot!


It happens on a lazy summer day, the flight school might be slow and an instructor has some downtime between flights for an hour or so. So what did we do, we hopped in a plane and flew from Burbank to Catalina Island for a famous Buffalo Burger. Catalina Island off the coast has herds of Buffalo and the stunning little airport café in the Spanish style. It has a great outside deck overlooking the airport and it cooks a mean burger. All it was missing was a cold beer!

So give yourself some time because there is a lot to digest here. I have included lots of charts and overhead views with my personal notations on the airspace and procedures. Take your time, study this flight and make it worth it. We might be back here with an upcoming event!


  1. 1 – Fly Burbank Airport to Catalina Island and Avalon Airport
  1. 2 – Enjoy Buffalo Burger At The Café (Nice Deck)
  1. 3 – Fly Back to Burbank Airport – Full, Satisfied and Exhilarated.
  1. 4 – Do it all without being violated by the FAA or hitting anything beside bugs

Weather Condition:

Please set weather as follows. Important!
TIME  : 1300 HRS

CEILING  : 7/8th SCATTERED 7,500

WIND  : S (180 degrees) at 13 MPH (11 KT)


TRAFFIC  : Turn it up all the way, even if you have to turn down some graphics!

You can keep off the Boats, Cars & Ferries to save FPS


Share your thoughts!

Share your thoughts on the $100 Hamburger flight, head on over to the FSzone.org forums!



Danton: Aviator Slang Dictionary [Link] Eric: "V" Key shortcut in FSX to take screenshots, no program required!


"Current Potentially Bad Weather Airports" ATC Feeds

This weekend I downloaded the version 2 update of REX. Having done that... I decided to go and try out the updated scenery with your $100 Hamburger flight in my Carenado Piper Seneca and using real time weather. What a great flight - sorry no screenshots on this occasion - which was pretty uneventful, until I was approaching Nantucket Memorial Airport. I was making an ILS approach when at about 900ft I hit some pretty severe turbulence - which was when I decided to switch of the autopilot and enjoy the thrill of the landing, in adverse conditions. This got me thinking about flying in other areas where there was severe real time weather conditions. I 'googled' the subject and came across this website http://www.liveatc.net/badwxfeeds.php This website provides you with real time ATC feeds at airports that may be interesting to listen to because of challenging flying (weather) conditions. Challenging weather conditions include low ceilings, limited visibility, high or gusty winds, or thunderstorms. This is an evolving new feature and comments are welcome. At the time I was looking there were 8 airports which it had identified as having challenging conditions and there is an ATIS weather report alongside so you can get a feel just how 'challenging' the conditions are. I chose an airport, loaded the real time weather up from REX, and planned a short hop, which was dramatic in terms of the REX real time weather thunderstorm, and the challenges the flight presented. You've got the hamburger and pancakes flight - perhaps you could introduce a new category - the 'change underwear' flights!!! The show and the show notes are getting better all the time and has become a major source of information and reference for me. Keep up the great work George from London


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    FSBreak 30: The RC Airplane Show, and $100 Hamburger: Lost in Traffic - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast
  • Response
    FSBreak 30: The RC Airplane Show, and $100 Hamburger: Lost in Traffic - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast
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    Response: Dragon city Cheats
    FSBreak 30: The RC Airplane Show, and $100 Hamburger: Lost in Traffic - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast
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    FSBreak 30: The RC Airplane Show, and $100 Hamburger: Lost in Traffic - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast

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