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FSBreak 39: Avsim Social Wrap up, New Sim Company, $100 IFR Burger, and More!

Hosted by Eric McClintock, Danton Berube, and Brendan Farmer.

Listen Here:

Download Here

Former ACES Team Members Form New Company

Cascade Game Foundry Forges Ahead, Opens New Simulation Game Development Studio

Founded By Former Microsoft Aces Studio Veterans


Seattle, Washington, October 12, 2009 – Cascade Game Foundry, a new game development studio in Washington, today announced their entry into the simulation marketplace with an experienced team of industry pros poised to create a portfolio of innovative and engaging products which will appeal to both aficionados and people new to the genre.


The two founders, Creative Director Rick Selby and Managing Director Kathie Flood, are no strangers to simulations – both are former Microsoft Aces Studio leaders and industry veterans. Not only will Cascade Game Foundry address the significant hole in the simulation market left by Microsoft’s recent departure, it will push new boundaries with the latest in cutting-edge graphics, simulation and web technology.


“The beauty of starting a new studio is that we get to reconsider all our preconceived notions,” comments Selby, a former Lead Product Designer at Microsoft. “Our previous efforts focused on building traditional simulation titles. However, now we get to redefine what a simulation game can be. As a designer, that is incredibly liberating.” From a gameplay standpoint, Cascade Game Foundry is looking to broaden the market. “The hardcore simulation fan is the critical foundation, but why stop there?” says Selby. “We want to deliver unique experiences that appeal to diverse audiences around the world.”


Flood, a former Microsoft Senior Program Manager with 15 years of industry experience, is excited about the possibilities. “We want to combine the naturally inquisitive nature of the human spirit with the stunning resources of the planet. The simulation market is known to be a strong, consistent performer, but our vision extends beyond flying and railroading,” she says. “Think of SCUBA diving off Hawaii, traversing the Andes, hiking the Great Wall of China … the possibilities are endless.”


Selby and Flood are joined by a number of other former Aces members and game industry veterans. “We have an incredible team lined up across all disciplines,” adds Flood. “Every person has numerous years of professional experience and a proven track record of delivering multi-million-selling titles. “We see this as a wonderful opportunity to reinvigorate the simulation market with a quantum step forward and our products will convey that sense of passion, fun and excitement that we have always had for the genre.”


“If you love simulations, the news is going to get better and better,” hints Selby.

Cascade Game Foundry, LLC is hard at work on the design and demo for their first project.



We also mention Orbx's new YBTH Scenery with car racing? You can find a link to the description and screenshots here.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the forum, or contact us!

OZx 3.0 Released

OZx is proud to announce OZx 3.0, the latest standalone version of our Australian scenery project. It introduces over 20 new fields and heliports, 13 water starts and ½ a dozen new VFR sceneries to the Aussie landscape to make a total of more than 300 OZx sceneries and airfields, not counting drillrigs and wheat silos. Add this to Ant's 30+ Freeware fields and ORBX's 8 Freeware and 9 Payware fields and you'll always have somewhere to explore. Let OZx take you further into your journey of discovery of our ancient land represented by the stunning ORBX FTX payware textures.


From the lush greens of Eastern Australia with tiny aerodromes like Old Bar and Coorooman Creek; through the fiery red outback with airfields that service the many mines such as Barrow Island and Shay Gap. Adventure into deserted strips like Taroom and Wandoan - seldom used except by the likes of the Royal Flying Doctor Service's iconic King Airs and PC12s.


Then continue your sojourn over the gold of the great western wheat belts with silos dotting the landscape from Esperance to Perth - rest at Collie, Katanning, Narrogin and others. Then let your wings soar over the azure of the Indian Ocean and the great North West Shelf searching for Legendre, Griffin Venture or some of the other huge oil rigs that harvest this black gold from deep beneath the ocean floor.


You will find the Australian landscape coming to life beneath you with mines like Broken Hill and Moura, Wolfe Creek Crater, huge salt pans and mighty wheat storage depots and terminals. Locate Kingfisher, Snapper, Cobia and many more lonley oil rigs toughing it out in Bass Strait where the frigid winds of the Antarctic scream their tortuous way northward. Watch these same winds blast Woolnorth windfarm on the north western coast of Tasmania with a freezing fury. Turn north again to fly at a more leisurely pace as you search for the numerous farm strips around the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.


So join us in the greatest FSX freeware project ever. Travel again through this vast land and experience the beauty and remote majesty of our harsh continent of extremes.

Celebrate the Great Southern Land!

Download Link Here, or you can visit their new freeware portal here.

10/21/09 Correction: Eric misspoke about OZx being a part of Orbx. Here is a detailed explanation:

" OZx is not an Orbx-run group - they are 100% independant, have their own website and management, but they *do* make freeware which is specifically designed to work with the Orbx FTX payware series. They originally were part of the Orbx core development team, but we decided to split off the freeware dev team part of the business and focus on core payware product. Which is not to say Orbx doesn't do freeware anymore (we do), but just not at the prodigous rate of the the OZx crew."

Related: FTX NA Blue Shows up on the main website

What was once a dweller of the Orbx forums only for the most determined users, FTX NA (North America) now has an official section on the website, complete with screenshots! According to the web page, the project is currently in late beta.

Screenshots of FTX NA Blue:

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer


Preorder FSGenesis North Atlantic Mesh and save 25%

  • Source data: 30m/90m DeFeranti
  • Vers: in production
  • Updated: coming approx Oct 23
  • Preorder Price: $14.95 (Reg 19.95)

See full information and Pre-Order here!

Captain Sim 767-200 Expansion Model Released

Key Features:

• Transpacific ready!
• Highly Detailed Exterior Model
• Outstanding visual quality and realism
• Designed according to FSX standards
• DirectX 9/10 compatible
• Stewardess model (various airline uniforms)
• Wing Flex
• Wing Vortices
• Winglets
• Custom Self-shadow

..And there are many many more listed on their website here, keep in mind though you need the Captain Sim 767-300 BASE pack to use the -200 extension pack.

Price (Just for Extension): 10 Euro

Screenshots of the CS 767-200 Expansion Pack:

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer


Aerosoft items showing up at Besy Buy in the US?

From the forum:

In case no one else has seen this! You have gotta be kidding me! It's 80 bones online... $30 at BB. It hasn't been released at BB yet...but I couldn't resist the order. I already have the companion must have Angle of Attack DVDs standing by.


Well see if it really comes through at this price...and if it's the real deal.


Here is a link to the original thread, and Danton confirms it with his copy of PMDG 747-400X in hand.

Quick Update: Aerosoft Discus Glider X updated to version 1.5

We just wanted to update everyone on our review of the Discus Glider X, they have released a version 1.5 update that addresses the following issues:

  • 3 new models included (English/US version)
  • all CTD errors should now be solved
  • some changes to to the C4 to make use easier
  • added more ground sounds
  • other small tweaks

Free FSX Missions from FSScene

Are you an FSX pilot? Do you like to fly missions? We’ve got some news for you. During 2009 and 2010 FScene is publishing a new series of free Flight Simulator X Missions, in cooperation with a team of old FS boys. Ruud Faber, Jaap van Hees, Chip Barber and Francois Dumas are all ‘veterans’ of the international flight simulation ’scene’ and have put their spare time, enthusiasm and talents together to come up with this new “Beagle” series. The missions are all Inspired by a recently started 35-part Radio/TV series of VPRO, a Dutch Radio/TV station, to celebrate Charles Darwin’s 200th birth year and the 150th anniversary of his publication of “On the Origin of Species”. They follow the greater part of Charles Darwin’s journey on the HMS “Beagle” (1831-1836). To visit the special FScene mission page, click here: http://www.fscene.com/beagle/

New $100 Hamburger: The IFR Burger

Download the complete print out here, it includes all instructions, tutorial screenshots, and other helpful information. You might find it helpful to print it out to make notes on it while you're flying! (PDF Document)

By Brendan Farmer

Hear Episode 39 Here

What is an IFR flight? It is the exact opposite of what VFR is. In VFR proper separation from clouds and bad weather must be maintained at all times but with IFR, those separations may be broken because the pilot is flying a filed flight plan along a route.

Another big difference between VFR and IFR is the fact in IFR, you are under ATC control the whole time. This does have its advantages, such as they can spot out traffic for you.

ZLA airspace has been the home of many of the recent flights, like the VOR Burger and the Swarm. The vZLA have been very helpful in getting many new pilots on VATSIM and helping them through the basics of VFR flight. Now we are going to turn to ZLA once again for IFR.

(I highly recommend flying this on VATSIM as it will create a much more realistic IFR environment.)
(I also recommend that you fly the VOR hamburger and understand the concepts behind it, as this flight will draw on many of those concepts.)

Pre-Flight Briefing

Todays flight will be an IFR filed flight from Burbank (KBUR) to Santa Barbra (KSBA). We have two options for pilots here, we can go /A where we will only use the VOR/DME equipment on board the aircraft or we can go /G where we will load a flight plan into the GPS. (Both FS9 and FSX flight planes for flight are included that can be loaded in within the sim.) As for weather, let’s use real world weather. IFR flight planes are often filed event when its nice a day.

Here is the flight plan:
Cruise Altitude: 6000 ft.
ZLA Tech Route: BURN39

That routing there may seem complex but lets break it down. First is the FIM VOR also known as Filmore. This is the first point on our routing. After that is a Victor airway. Victor airways are rather interesting. Just like any airway, a Victor airway is a line of waypoints all strung together in a row to get to another waypoint, in this case, DEANO. Confused, well lets have a look at this picture.

The black line is V186, the first of our victor airways. As we see, DEANO lies on the FIM 250 Radial and the 27DME. At 17DME we cross over HENER, another waypoint on the routing. At 27DME we have successfully reached DEANO. After DEANO, we must join V27, another victor airway that actually lies on the same radial we were flying, so just continue on the 250R from FIM until 32DME, which is KWANG. After KWANG we will be vectored for approach. If not assigned by ATC, we should request the ILS runway 07 unless unable to do so due to weather.

Got it all? Lets get out to the flight line!

Filing a Flight Plan
From the information above we can now file a flight plan. Here is all the info required.

CRZ ALT: 6000 ft.
AIRCRAFT TYPE: ZZZZ/A or ZZZZ/G. A or G depends on if you are using the GPS. Replace ZZZZ with your aircraft type. If it’s a C172 with GPS, it would look like C172/G.

One the flight plan is sent we should now load up the aircraft to the configuration we want it in. Once ready call for your IFR clearance. This will sound something like this:

“Burbank Tower, N123AB IFR Santa Barbara, Information Alpha.”

“N123AB, Burbank Tower, Cleared to Santa Barbara radar vectors Filmore then as filed. Maintain 6000, departure will be on 124.600 and Squawk 1234.”

“Cleared to Santa Barbara Squawk 1234, 3AB.”

“3AB read back correct call when ready for taxi.”

“Will call, 3AB.”

A lot just happened so let us break it down. The initial call was letting tower know that you wanted your IFR clearance to SBA. Their response was your clearance. Radar vectors Filmore means you will receive vectors by the radar controller to Filmore. Maintain 6000 means what is sounds like, climb and maintain 6000. 124.6 is the departure frequency we will tune to once airborne. And the squawk code was 1234. WRITE YOUR CLEARANCE DOWN. I can’t say that enough make sure you write it down as it is said so you can reference it later and is easier to read back.

This is pretty strait forward, taxi to the runway assigned by ATC.

Be sure to pre tune FIM 112.50 into your NAV1 radio before departure!

And check to see if you are getting a DME reading!

Takeoff and departure
Takeoff will be pretty standard, just follow the instructions given. You may receive an instruction like “fly heading 120 runway 15 cleared for take.” In that case as soon as you are airborne make the turn to heading 120. Tower should tell you to switch to departure, in this case 124.600. Once they identify you they will probably assign you a heading that will take you direct to FIM. Comply with all of their instructions.

After takeoff, comply with all instructions, in this case we were assigned heading 340.

If properly aligned, your gauge will look something like this going to direct FIM.


In flight

So lets say you just passed over Filmore, now we must join the 250 radial outbound. In the OBS1 gauge, turn it to 250 and line the arrow up in the middle of the gauge by moving the aircraft. Very much like tracking direct to a VOR, only we have to move to the arrow, we can’t move the arrow to us.

Notice how the OBS course arrow is aligned to 250 and we are tracking that course exactly? That’s flying a victor airway!

Overhead DEANO. Notice the 27 DME reading and the 250 course.
Overhead KWANG. Notice 32DME and 250 course.

After KWANG we can expect vectors to ILS 07. If not assigned ILS 07, request it. Fly the assigned headings and altitudes and fly the ILS. Make sure to tune your nav radio off FIM and onto the ILS freq. 110.30. and set your OBS Course to 075, the inbound course for ILS runway 07.

On the ILS. Notice the Localizer is nearly perfectly aligned and the arrow. Also, look at the other arrow on the left side of the gauge. That is the glide slope. Track both by moving the aircraft and they will take you all the way down to the runway.

Once clear of the runway squawk Standby and give your self a pat on the back. You have successfully done an IFR flight.

If any of these directions leave question in your mind, I do invite you to do your own research to find out more about the procedures done here.

If you run into trouble, or want to share your results, please do so in the forums!


Danton: The "Freeware" section on the Full Terrain website.

Brendan: McPhat Studios - Very high quality free and paid HD repaints for payware aircraft.

Eric: Smart Defrag - Freeware hassle-free disk degragging. Has the ability to schedule and 'auto defrag'. Also the free addons over at the Ship Simulator 2008 addon page.


Two Responses to Jerry's Question about a Yoke for Mac

Quick comment regarding Jerry's question about flight yokes on a mac pro. I can only assume we're talking about x-plane or Flightgear - I'll assume X-Plane.

There's a good discussion thread here (http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=38917&hl=saitek&st=0) regarding what joysticks work on macs. In a nutshell, Eric was right in that it's really only the programming software that is affected by the OS. Most usb peripherals should work without software on a mac. You don't need programming software as the X-Plane joystick configuration is extensive. There's this X-Plane plugin (http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?autocom=downloads&showfile=6225) that fixes the display issue on the X-52 joystick and the Saitek yoke with the LCD display.

Having said that, CH Products seems to have direct support in X-Plane - there's a checkbox for the throttle qaudrant. I've read some discussion about the CH Products yoke sticking or not as smooth as the saitek. The remedy is apparently a very light smear of vaseline. Bear that in mind if you go for CH Products.



We also got a second response:

I use a mac mini with the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke system, Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals, Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel, Saitek Pro Flight Radio Panel, and Saitek Proflight Headset. I am using the latest version of xplane. The Yoke system, rudder pedals, and headset worked out of the box and just needed to be configured in xplane. The switch panel and radio panel both needed plugins which I found at the following links:




It looks like Tom Sedge now has the Saitek Multi Panel working and is looking to add the switch panel plugin Sandy Barbour originally created. Which will be nice because I will only need one pluggin verses the two that I currently have. I would like to thank developers like Tom and Sandy for all their efforts to supprt the X-Plane community. Everyone's work is greatly appreciated.


I love the podcast. I've listened to all 38 podcasts and have flown 2 of the hamburger flights and I am planning on flying the rest. I like a lot of the real world pilot discussions as well. I am on my journey to becoming a private pilot and I am close to soloing the aircraft. It is a fun and exciting journey and simming adds to the experience. i am looking forward to flying on vatsim and getting some ATC experience.

I would like to thank everyone for their efforts on the show. Keep up the good work.



ExtraLife Fight against Pediatric Cancer

From Benjamin in the forums:

On Saturday Oct 17 at 0800 Pacific I will be participating in a 24 hour marathon run of Flight Sim. This will benefit a charity called Extra Life and all proceeds will go to the Texas Children's Hospital, one of the best pediatric cancer hospitals in the country. The way this works is very simple: go to my page and donate $1.00 per hour ($24) or more if you wish. All money goes directly to the hospital and is tax deductible. You can watch an interview with NBC news and learn more by visiting this site: http://extralife.sarcasticgamer.com/ and to donate please visit my page: https://waystogive.texaschildrens.org/netcommunity/TeamMileHigh

My flights will all be on Vatsim and I would love some company!

Link to the discussion here!

Contest Reminders


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    FSBreak 39: Avsim Social Wrap up, New Sim Company, $100 IFR Burger, and More! - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast
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    FSBreak 39: Avsim Social Wrap up, New Sim Company, $100 IFR Burger, and More! - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast
  • Response
    FSBreak 39: Avsim Social Wrap up, New Sim Company, $100 IFR Burger, and More! - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast
  • Response
    FSBreak 39: Avsim Social Wrap up, New Sim Company, $100 IFR Burger, and More! - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast

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